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The Beautiful Disaster



@BTS_twt: 오늘 하복을 입었는데
동복보다 역시 시원하네요.
그리고 방금 빙수도 먹었는데
어우 시원하네요.
또 밖에 비가오는데
아우 시원하네요.
-JK- pic.twitter.com/rnZcAtosQ8

"I just wore summer uniform today,
It is cooler than winter/autumn uniforms*
And I just ate shaved ice**
Oh its cooling.
Also it’s raining outside
Awoo it is cooling indeed.

(T/N: *There are two kinds of uniform in Korea: summer/spring and autumn/winter; **shaved ice is usually served with syrup and various toppings)

Trans by ArmyBaseSubs
Please take out with full credits.

boy in luv japanese (taehyung ver.)

{ 2014▫07▫05 } happy birthday to VIXX’s kawaii manly maknae 
my precious sunshine: han sanghyuk!!!!!!!
♡♡♡ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

introducing … han sanghyuk┌ happy birthday to our special and most hardworking maknae! ♥

favourite title track performances ▹ vixx

super hero 120601; rock ur body 120902; on and on 130319; hyde 130615; gr8u 130801; voodoo doll 131122; thank you for being born 140103; eternity 140608


so many things are happening????