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The Beautiful Disaster


His eye smile is too precious. Looking at his smiling face can bring you so much happiness… but it can also kill your insides.


Jungkook as ulzzang fanmade.

Someone request this to me and….tadah lol

Wow i can’t believe it! what just i have done with you Kookie?~~~ I’m sorry>///<


Those feels … T.T
Why he is sooo cute ? Tell me ?!

get to know me: [1/5] favorite actors
Ben Barnes

actual 5-year old im jaebum

You're still just a kid at heart
luxury, luxury life

model bean 

can u write a poem about jungkook's ass? ?


a poem about jungkook’s ass

what did my eyes just see

he should get a degree 

for having the nicest ass 

he has the best in class

the only problem is

y’all probably too old for his